Branchising is the premier way to jump start a new franchise or licensed brand. Many business owners are discovering that by converting company owned units into franchised or licensed units, they can reach their expansion goals faster than by selling just the brand when starting out. In fact, for some companies, franchising or licensing existing units can be the best growth alternative, especially in today’s uncertain financial markets.

Benefits of Branchising:

  • Franchising or licensing company owned units is called branchising
  • It allows a company to sell company owned units to franchisees or licensees and realize an immediate infusion of capital while still retaining control and ongoing profits from the units in the form of royalties, services fees, and profits sales.
  • Other important advantages of branchising include the elimination of day-to-day management problems, personnel programs, receivables, overhead expenses, etc.and when owners with a financial investment operate your existing units, sales historically increase 35% to 55%.
  • Branchising company-owned units results in higher sales price per unit than by selling them outright, and it also acts as a firm foundation on which we can build your expansion franchise or licensing program.

Services that shall be provided by Empire Business Advisory Global, in connection with the Branchise Development Agreement:

  • Evaluate materials obtained, develop marketing strategies, exclusive territories and pricing. Review of logos, stationery , trademark , service marks, etc.
  • Produce drafts of the following articles: sales brochures, peripheral sales documents, promotional material, cover letter, franchise or licensee background form, question and answer brochure and investment page.
  • Establish fees and cost structure for: initial franchise or licensing fee, advertising & management fee along with the total franchise or licensee cost.
  • Produce drafts of franchise / franchisor or licensee/ licensor support programs, methods of generating product, revenue and exclusive marketing area definition.
  • Marketing program: plan and analyze: media selection and justification, market penetration, reach & frequency, projected cost per lead, sales strategy and market justification.
  • Develop and produce with franchisor / licensor: training program, operation manual and final draft of franchisee/franchisor or license control forms.
  • Develop franchisee / licensee demographic profile evaluation form.
  • We will prepare all the documents necessary to sell your franchise / licensed unit.