As a Master Licensee of Empire Business Advisory Global’s licensor’s / franchisor’s brands you can partake in a business concept that has already been fully developed and proven. In addition partnering with the licensor / franchisor the Master licensee receives support, experience & expertise as needed from licensor / franchisor as well as access to systems and the technologies developed by the brand. Master Licensee’s earns income by keeping a share of the up front licensing brand fee & on going royalties. Master licensee’s will also enjoy complete responsibility for adapting the brand concept & support systems in their home state, and other states as well, including selling licensed units as well as training and support.

Allowing E-BAG to find & manage the right Master Licensees combine with branchising existing units for the new licensor or franchisor works well for established brands with multiple chain stores or restaurants. Many of these chain store owners are afraid to chance the brand with new operators that have to start from scratch, so they just make the decision not to grow there brands.
We can assure our franchisors that we will maximize there potential though out there enterprise and reach the goals set out in our engagement.